It's time for Christmas Grinchmas in July!

Grinchy Greetings, my foolishly festive friends! Long ago our Who founding fathers huddled in a tiny gingerbread house together and forged a document like no other. They wrote of the slimiest and grimiest celebration that the North Pole would ever witness!

When the Mayor of Whoville walked out of that gingerbread house one of the obnoxious Whos asked "What kind of celebration do we have?" to which he grimly replied "A Grinchmas…if we can keep it"

You see folks, that’s the true meaning of this 4th of July season and to celebrate, I the Grinch, beseech you all to buy your tickets for Grinchmas (err… I mean Winterfest) right now or you may find some firecrackers in your stockings this year! Get Tickets

Express Service at the Palafox Saturday Market

Saturdays this summer you can ride our FREE trolleys between the Palafox Market's northern market at MLK Plaza and the southern market at Plaza Ferdinand!

On some weekends, we'll even have rides on the Winterfest Express electric train at the southern market!

There's so much to see and do Downtown - find your favorite market booth and check out all the great events to make the most of your visit!


Pensacola Winterfest is a Family Favorite

Which tour should I take? What are the trolleys like? What time does it start?

The Magic of Pensacola Winterfest

The moment you enter Plaza Wonderland on Palafox Place, the snow begins to fall. A cup of hot chocolate and the sound of a trolley bell brings back memories of the Polar Express. The conductor calls your name: All aboard for the most wonderful journey you'll take this Christmas season. Take a ride aboard our mini-train through the lights, snow, and magical scenery of Winterfest!


Chase the Grinch on a Christmas Caper

New for 2023! The Grinch is up to his old tricks but the Whoville police are a match for his mischief making pranks. Guard your Christmas trees — he’s on the loose…

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Where do I park? How do I get tickets? Where is Winterfest?

A Journey into Wonder

Join the Conductor for a magical journey to a life-size steam engine! Share in the adventure as the Conductor recounts the story of the boy who received the first gift of Christmas…

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The Grinch and Martha make a Merry Match!

A certain surly sneak with a grizzly green grimace has built himself a trolley. Whatever his intentions, it's sure to lead to an avalanche of adventure.

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Family Photos with Santa and the Grinch

Santa would love to visit with you by his sleigh! Get your reservations to ensure you have the perfect family photo.

You may also intrude upon the Grinch for a photo or two, but he may have a surprise in store for you.

🎅🏼 Visit Santa 🎄 Intrude Upon the Grinch


Make Time for a Christmas Cool Down

Check out our rebooted Whoville Christmas Caper and make your plans to visit Santa!

There's lots of fun in store this year, so stay tuned for updates as we roll out the red carpet for Christmas!

Catch our Free Preshows Every Night

Sing and dance along with your favorite characters throughout the night! Preshows are free and open to the public - there's something happening every few minutes in the Winterfest plaza at Government and Palafox, starting at 5pm every night of our tours

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