Our Exciting Tours


Catch our Free Preshows Every Night

Sing and dance along with your favorite characters as we kick off each tour! Preshows are free and open to the public - there's something happening every few minutes at the Winterfest plaza at Government and Palafox


Chase the Grinch on a Christmas Caper

New for 2023 The Grinch is up to his old tricks but the Whoville police are a match for his mischief making pranks. Guard you Christmas trees. And now he’s on the loose…

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The Grinch and Martha make a Merry Match!

A certain surly sneak with a grizzly green grimace has built himself a trolley. Whatever his intentions, it's sure to lead to an avalanche of adventure. Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on your Christmas tree …

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Find Your Spirits on Christmas Week

Close your eyes and remember! Scrooge and Tiny Tim return with a season full of ghosts and good cheer.

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A Journey into Wonder

Join the Conductor for a magical journey to a life-size steam engine! Share in the adventure as the Conductor recounts the story of the boy who received the first gift of Christmas…

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Family Photos with Santa and the Grinch

Santa would love to visit with you in his sleigh! Get your reservations to ensure you have the perfect family photo.

You may also intrude upon the Grinch for a photo or two, but he may have a surprise in store for you.